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Drop-off shall be to the same location and at the time stated on the rental agreement.

Vehicles must be returned in an undamaged and clean condition with a full tank of diesel. Grey water tank must be emptied and toilet cassette emptied & cleaned prior to drop-off – please note that we have no facilities to empty these tanks at the drop-off location. If the vehicle is not returned as stipulated then you agree to pay the charges as set out in section 16 of our T&Cs rental and other charges.

Late return – You must advise us if you are going to be late returning the vehicle as soon as is possible. Failure to advise may result in prosecution for driving whilst uninsured. We reserve the right to charge a late penalty fee – as set out in section 17 rental and other charges

Car Parking – You are welcome to leave your vehicle with us for the duration of your hire at no additional cost. Vehicles will be left at our home address. Please note that we can’t accept any liability for loss or damage to your vehicle whilst under our care.

Prior to each rental, we will carry out a full check of all the motorhomes functions and systems to ensure correct operation. In conjunction with this we will provide you with a familiarisation tour. There will also be documentation located within the vehicle as to the functions and maintenance of these systems. If there should be a failure of any of these systems during the course of your hire then we will try and remedy the fault. This may be via telephone support or we may require you to take the motorhome to a garage to diagnose / repair.

Please get in touch if you require more information or see our Terms & Conditions.

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